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Heating Oil Delivery

Interstate Oil & Energy is pleased to provide prompt and reliable heating oil deliveries to residents and businesses in Cranston, RI, and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, customers appreciate our competitive pricing on our high-quality, premium heating oil.

We encourage our customers to take advantage of our hassle-free automatic delivery program to ensure your tank stays full all winter long even during the coldest and harshest winter weather conditions. There is no extra cost to our customers for this valuable service. If you decide you would rather call us when you need an oil delivery, we will strive to provide you with the most prompt delivery possible.

Oil Delivery Options

We offer customers the option to choose from will-call delivery or our free automatic delivery program.

Automatic Oil Delivery

Our automatic delivery program is a convenient and dependable choice, as it eliminates the worry of running out of heating oil.

When you enroll in our automatic delivery program, our computerized delivery system notifies us when your tank needs refilling. No need for you to monitor your oil tank gauge or rush to schedule a delivery before your tank runs out. Once our delivery system notifies the dispatcher your tank is due, the system will automatically schedule a delivery. You’ll have heating oil available throughout the coldest and snowiest days of winter and, you don’t have to be home for the delivery. It couldn’t be simpler.

A quick credit approval is required to become an automatic delivery customer—contact us to enroll today!

Will-Call Delivery

If you’d prefer to schedule your own fuel deliveries, we offer a will-call option. As a will-call customer, it’s your responsibility to monitor your oil tank gauge and to request a fuel delivery at the appropriate time. The best time to schedule a delivery is when your tank is between one-third (1/3) and one-quarter (1/4) full to avoid a fuel run-out. For will-call deliveries, check the day we will be delivering to your area, then notify us at least 24 hours prior to that day for your delivery. Please refer to our delivery schedule.

You can request a delivery online or call us at (401) 943-4380 during regular business hours.

Emergency Service

If you find yourself in a no-heat situation, no need to panic. As an Interstate Oil & Energy customer, you can feel secure knowing that you’ll have heat again in no time with our 24/7 emergency service. Whether your oil tank is on empty or you are experiencing a system malfunction, give us a call and we’ll be out to help.

If you need emergency service, call us now at (401) 943-4380.


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